St Paul's C of E Primary School
Policy On Assessment Of And Provision For pupils With
Special Educational Needs And Disablities


• We aim to provide a curriculum appropriate for all children with Special Needs and
• We aim to work in partnership with parents and the child to achieve this and to raise attainment.
• At St. Paul’s we strive to meet the educational and physical needs of all our pupils.

All pupils, whether or not they have special educational needs or disabilities, must have an equal opportunity to participate in the full curriculum of the school and all activities. Pupils with special educational needs or disabilities will be encouraged to become independent and take responsibility within the school.

The 2014 Code of Practice says that:
A person has SEN if they have a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational
provision to be made for him or her. At compulsory school age this means he or she has a
significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others the same age, or, has a disability
which prevents or hinders him or her from making use of facilities of a kind generally provided for
others of the same age in mainstream schools.


The school has a graduated response in supporting the needs of children with special needs. At every stage the responsibility for planning and delivering the teaching programme and assessing outcomes is the responsibility of the class teacher. Access to the full curriculum of the school is to be achieved by the careful differentiation of class work by the class teacher.

• If our assessments show that a child may have a learning difficulty, we use a range of strategies that make full use of all available classroom and school resources. The child’s class teacher will offer interventions that are different from or additional to those provided as part of the school’s usual working practices.
We will record the strategies used to support the child within a suport plan, called a Pupil Passport. The plan will show the short term targets set in discussion with the child and the teaching strategies used.

• If the termly review of the child’s progress identifies that support is needed from outside agencies, we will consult parents prior to any support being actioned. Any new strategies advised by outside agencies will usually be implemented in the child’s normal classroom setting. Where additional support and advice is required the Inclusion Manager will obtain this from outside agencies and ensure that this is implemented in consultation with the teacher.

• If the child continues to demonstrate significant cause for concern a request for Statutory Assessment will be made by the Inclusion Manager.

In our school we aim to offer excellence and choice to all our children, whatever their ability or needs. We want all our children to feel that they are a valued part of our school community.

Roles and responsibilities.
Inclusion Manager Mr Matt Smart
Special Needs Governor Mrs Eileen Penman

The class teacher:

• identifies that a pupil has special educational needs
• plans what each pupil should learn
• teaches pupils at all stages
• supervises TAs and any other helpers involved in the learning of their pupils
• assesses and records progress against targets set
• liaises with parents
• liaises with the Inclusion Manager and other professionals when appropriate

The Inclusion Manager:

 oversees the school’s special needs policy
• advises teachers on how pupils might meet planned learning objectives
 co-ordinates provision for pupils with special needs and disabilities
• oversees the records kept by class teachers on all pupils with special educational needs and disabilities
 liaises with the parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities
• contributes to the training of staff and governors
• liaises and works in partnership with external agencies

The Head Teacher:
has overall responsibility for management of the policy, for assessment and provision for pupils with
special educational needs and disabilities and for keeping the governors informed. Any concerns about
provision will initially be referred to the class teacher, then the Inclusion Manager and finally the Head

“Responsible Person” (Head Teacher):
is informed by the LA when they conclude that a pupil at the school has special educational needs or
disabilities, and ensures that all the appropriate people know about that pupil’s needs.

In-service training of staff and training for Governors
In drawing up the staff development programmes, the Head Teacher will give consideration and appropriate priority to the needs of all teachers with regard to special educational needs and disabilities. The school’s in-service training plans for special educational needs will be reported to the SEN governor. The Inclusion Manager will assist in the provision of training for teaching and non-teaching staff.

St Paul's School values working in partnership with all parents.

The Inclusion Manager monitors the movement of children within the SEN system in the school through the use of Target Tracker. The Inclusion Manager and the headteacher hold regular meetings to review the work of the school in this area. The Inclusion Manager and the named governor with responsibility for Special Needs also hold annual meetings.

The SEN governor will evaluate the success of this policy. Governor will not enquire into individual cases.
In particular the governors will come to judgements about:

 the views of parents on the working of parent partnerships
 the effectiveness of interventions in meeting needs
 how well pupils with special educational needs take part in the whole curriculum of the school
 how independent pupils with special educational needs become
 how resources have been allocated to and between pupils with special educational needs
 details of how many statutory assessments have been made and the number of visits from specialist teachers, educational psychologists and other agencies

The governors’ observations on the above matters will form the basis (together with the legally required financial information) of the special needs section of the annual report to parents.

St Paul's Primary School Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy 

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