The PTFA is the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association of St Paul's School. It is your association - all of the parents who have children at the school are members as a right.
The PTFA is organised by a committee consisting of parents, some staff and a governor: 3 officers (the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer), 2 representatives from each class, a Parent Governor, the Head Teacher and 2 staff representatives.

What are the aims of the PTFA?

The aims of the PTFA are to enhance the ability of the teachers and staff to provide an excellent education for the children in the school and to contribute to the feeling of community in and around the school.
The PTFA does this by raising and contributing funds to meet the needs of the school that are not met by the Local Education Authority.

What does the committee do?

The committee meets two or three times per term to agree on ways to raise money and spend money to support the children's needs and the school's needs.
Members of the committee take responsibility for organising events and encouraging participation and help from other parents and staff members - through these the sociability of the school is increased.
Progress on these projects and the finances is reported and the schools needs are reviewed - teachers' representatives present short term and longer term ideas and the committee discusses and agrees the contributions to the school.

How can I find out what is going on?

There are several ways to stay on touch with the activities of the PTFA
You can check on the web at
You can look at the periodic newsletters that are sent home from school with the children. These should always in future have a PTFA column
You can look at the PTFA noticeboard at the Russell Street entrance to school
And of course we hope you will talk to your class representatives - if you don't know who they are (and they haven't managed to corner you yet!) please look for their picture, which will soon be appearing outside the classroom...
Come to a committee meeting.

How can I raise an issue or put forward an idea?

Please put your comments / suggestions in the PTFA letterbox, near reception in the school,
Pass a note to or speak with one of the committee members.

What else can I do?

Think about joining the committee or volunteering to help at or organise at an event
Perhaps most importantly come to the events and make them enjoyable social occasions and when the time comes, if you can, dig deep ...

To contact us please email:
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