Our Staff

Our Staff

Head Teacher

Mrs Chrich

Deputy Head & Year 6 Teacher

Mr Harris
Mrs Day 

Reception Teacher

Mrs Gallagher 
Mrs Corby (TA) 

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Biss

Year 2 Teacher

Mr Smart & Mrs Lombardi

Year 3 Teacher

Mr Litting

Year 4 Teacher & SENCO

Mrs Towler-Brown
Mrs Mezits 

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Kimberley and Mrs Miquel 



Miss Sarah Williams

Office Administrator
Mrs Siobhan Mottaz

Finance Manager
Mrs Corina Bernal

Site Manager
Mr Colin Jackson

 Teaching Assistants
Miss Shirlene Flowers (Family Link T.A)
Ms Catherine Baile 
Miss Sharon Brown 
Ms Maria Brown 
Mrs Anastasia Planitsiadou 
Mrs Fiona Henville 
Ms Anna Julian
Mr Benedict Henville 
Miss Sophie Slater 


Midday Supervisors 
Mr Benedict Henville 
Mr Benjamin Sawyer 
Miss Sophie Slater 
Miss Sharon Brown
Ms Maria Brown 
Miss Catherine Baile
Mrs Anastasia Planitsiadou 
Mrs Zenab Ali 

AfterSchool Club Playworkers 
Miss Shirlene Flowers - Manager 
Mr Benedict Henville - Deputy Manager 
Miss Sophie Slater 
Mr Benjamin Sawyer 
Miss Zuzanna Przewloka
Mrs Karin Silk

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