Year 6

Year 6
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Main Themes of class work for week beginning: 24th April 2017


SATs Revision Tasks

Welcome back to you all and I hope you had a great break over Christmas! We have another exciting but very busy term ahead in Year 6. Our topic, together with Year 5, is the Caribbean and we are looking forward to exploring the many aspects of this part of the world. With the help of Miss Flowers, we will be experiencing and tasting the delights of Caribbean cooking as well as investigating the climate, culture and wildlife of the islands. In science we are studying evolution and adaptation, looking at the ways that different animals have changed and adapted to their surroundings and environment.

The national curriculum sets high standards for pupils to achieve by the end of year six, so your children will be working hard at learning many new skills throughout the year, and consolidating old skills in preparation both for Year 6 SATs and for a well-rounded understanding of all subjects to take into their later lives. At the start of term, the children will be taking a set of past SATs papers as a baseline to work on during the term.


Year 6 children are expected to be reading independently for pleasure, and must write in their reading record every day, to be taken in and marked on a Friday. These entries should demonstrate both an understanding of the text, and an appreciation for how the author has used certain techniques to achieve their desired effect. The children will take home a reading book and their reading record every evening, and are expected to read at home for at least 20 minutes every day. The book and reading record must come back to school with them every day, so they can continue during the school day.


Homework activities are generally given out on Mondays to be handed in on the Thursday. This is to begin to prepare the children for the homework expectations they will experience in secondary school. Spelling sheets will also be handed out on Thursdays to practise, and will be tested in class the following Thursday. As well as these specific tasks, it will greatly aid your child's progress if time each week is given to develop their mathematics through the use of Olympic Tables tests also take place on Wednesdays, which help to reinforce their understanding of times tables.

Mr. Ritchie will be taking the class each Tuesday and Premier Sports will continue working with the children on Friday mornings. Please can you ensure that appropriate clothing and footwear is worn. We would also be grateful if greater attention can be paid to school uniform, as there has been a little slippage during the autumn term. Each week pupils will be supported in their learning with a range of one to one and small group activities provided by the teaching assistants working in the class: Mrs P and Miss Flowers. 

Thank you in advance to all parents and carers who will be supporting the children in year six this term with their learning. It should be a fun and exciting term for all but it will also be a term that requires a great deal of hard work and some challenging learning. We are really looking forward to all the exciting opportunities for learning in the coming term. If you ever wish to discuss anything with me please do come to talk with me briefly at the end of the school day or send in a note so that I can arrange with you for a suitable time for a longer meeting.



Autumn Term

Mayan Culture

Spring Term

The Caribbean

Summer Term


Subjects taught through topic time
  1. Science – Light, Forces (not magnets)
  2. Choosing an approach: planning different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions, including recognising and controlling variables where necessary
  3. Evaluating results: reporting and presenting findings from enquiries,including conclusions, causal relationships and explanations of and degree of trust in results, in oral and written forms such as displays and other presentations
  4. Using test results to make predictions to set up further comparative and fair tests
  5. History – A non-European society that provides contrast with Britain

English – Y5 Traditional Stories, Fables, Myths and Legends.

Y6 Myths and Legends.

  1. Science – Evolution and Inheritance
  2. Ideas and questions – Fossils, plants and animals
  3. Ideas and evidence – adaptations, the life of Mary Anning
  4. Geography  - understand geographical similarities and differences between a region of the UK, region of a European country and the Caribbean
  5. Describe and understand key aspects of physical and human geography
  6. Locate the world’s countries (Europe, Russia, N&S America)

English –

Y6 Persuasive Writing

Y6 Narrative Writing (based on Caribbean stories)

Y6 Playscripts

  1. Science – Electricity, Humans
  2. Interpreting: identifying scientific evidence that has been used to support or refute ideas or arguments; reporting and presenting findings from enquiries, including conclusions, causal relationships and explanations of and degree of trust in results, in oral and written forms such as displays and other presentations
  3. Predicting: using test results to make predictions to set up further comparative and fair tests
  4. History – A study of an aspect of British history that extends chronological knowledge beyond 1066 - Victorians

English –

Y5 Explanation; Classic Children’s Literature

Y5 Text Based Unit – Street Child

Y6 Short Stories with Flashbacks

Y6 Revision Units for SATs

Discrete subjects

RE – What influences the Jewish people (Peterborough)

Who do people say I am?

Art – the Mayans: light, colour, texture and using appropriate media

Design and Technology - textiles

Music – Y5 Don’t stop Believin (Rock); 5 Gold rings

     Y6 Livin on a prayer (Rock analysis); New Year Carol

PSHE – Citizenship and working together

English - Y5 Classic/Narrative poetry

Understanding Technology - Research

Languages – numbers; time; money; fruit; bon appetit

PE - Y5: Dance; gymnastics; tennis; rugby

Y6: Dance; gymnastics; tennis; rugby

English -

Y5 Instructions

Y6 Biography and Autobiography

Y6 Imagery in Poetry

RE – What does it mean to be a Buddhist? Can we all be enlightened?   Exploring life and death (RE Today)

Art – Caribbean masks and head-dresses

Design and Technology – Caribbean Food

Music – Y5 Classoom Jazz; A Tragic Story (Britten)

     Y6 Classroom Jazz 2;  Fresh Prince (Hip hop)

PSHE – ‘Good to be Me’ – Communication and participation

Digital Literacy – E-books


Languages – dates; weather; seasons; directions; furniture

PE - Y5: swimming; football; netball

Y6: gymnastics; dance; football; netball

English –

Y5 Novels and stories by significant children’s authors;

Y5 Fantasy genres and plays

Y6 Fiction Genres

Y6 Classic Stories and Plays

RE – What key beliefs influence people’s faith and how do people of faith live out their lives?

Art – The Journey of Life (for Ely Cathedral exhibition) – William Morris (Victorian link)

Design and Technology – Fairground rides with sound

Music – Y5 Classroom Jazz; Reflect (Classical)

     Y6 – Make you feel (ballad); Reflect (Classical)

PSHE - Relationships

English -

Y6 Extended Narrative, Y6 Journalistic Writing.


Languages – school subjects

PE - Y5: gymnastics (balance); dance; cricket; athletics

Y6: rounders; outdoor activities; cricket; athletics

English –

Y5 Poetic Style

Programming – ipads, coding

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