Year 2

Year 2
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Main Themes of class work for week beginning: 2nd May 2017


 Class 2’s Weekly Homework 
Week Ending 28/04/2017:


A warm welcome back to you all!  We hope that you all enjoyed a happy and restful Christmas break and that the cold, dark January mornings have not been too much of a shock to the system. 


Topic Themes

The spelling foci for this term: contractions, possessive apostrophes, suffixes –ed, -ing, er, -est, -ful, -less, -ly, -ment, -ness and the /l/ sound spelt ‘le’. We have also included an updated topic spelling list. The topic spelling list and the common exception word list, which we gave out in September, are an ongoing spelling foci for the children and we regular test the children, within class, on these spellings. Therefore, we would request that you support your child with becoming familiar with these spellings at home. 



Thank you to all of you who are diligent about supporting your child with their homework. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate how important it is at this stage of your child’s education to support them with regular reading times at home. We will be continuing to follow the same routine for homework this term as we have done so before: homework is given out in homework books on Fridays and should be completed and returned the following Wednesday unless specified differently. We do try to indicate on the homework which teacher has set it and we tend to alternate this. 


P.E Kits and Uniform

The children’s PE lessons are on Wednesdays and Fridays and the children should have a PE kit in school for these lessons. Their kit should include: shorts, t-shirt, trainers or pumps and at this time of the year it is advisable that the children have additional layers for lessons that take place outside. We have also suggested to the children, who have hair long enough to be tied back, that it is a good idea to have a hair band in their PE kits for their own safety and comfort. 

Show and Tell sessions will continue to be on a Thursday afternoon. We would like the children to focus on our new topic so, anything they want to bring (made by them, i.e. a project, a research, a poster, an artefact or books, etc.) related to castles, living things and their habitats and homes are very welcome.  


We are really looking forward to a happy and successful term in Class 2 and hope the children are too! If at any time you have any concerns or issues you would like to discuss then please feel free to come and see us; after school is generally the best time.

Dear All,

The week after next we will be making ‘junk model’ vehicles. Therefore we need to collect boxes, bottle/tube lids, card rolls, plastic bottles, toy wheels (from broken toys) and any other interesting ‘junk’ items for our project. Please could you begin sending in contributions next week.

Many thanks,

Mrs. Brown

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