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Year 1
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Main Themes of class work for week beginning: 2nd May 2017



 P.E Kits

Please remember to keep PE kits at school: shorts or tracksuit bottoms, a white or blue T-shirt and trainers.




I hope you have had a super holiday and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!  May I take this opportunity to thank so many of you for the generous gifts that your children gave me at the end of last term.  I have been truly spoilt… now for the diet! 

Everyone has come back to school with a new vigour for learning.  This enthusiasm is quite contagious and we have covered a lot of work already. I am delighted that the children have remembered the class rules and worked hard on phonics over the holidays.  If your child is confident with the phonics chart you have let me know and I can give you the next one.  We can now really press on with fluent reading.

This term my teaching assistant is Miss Brown who will stay in Year 1 for the entire week.  This gives the children consistency and means that Miss Brown and I can work as a team ensuring the children have a calm and well-organised environment to learn in.  On Tuesday afternoons Mrs Christmas will take Year 1 while I have time for planning and preparation.

Curriculum this term

This is a brief outline of our curriculum this term.  Many areas are blended so that, for example, Art may be taught as part of History and Geography, Maths may be part of Science, English may be part of R.E. and so on.

Maths: Number and place value with numbers up to 100 (and more), addition and subtraction, doubles and halves, measures (weight and time), measures and data and money (2nd half of term)

English: Stories with repeating patterns, instructions and poetry. There is also a focus on story writing, sentence construction and punctuation.

R.E.: Christianity: what difference does belonging to a church make to a family?, and, How does the Khalsa influence the lives of Sikh families? (2nd half of term) 

Science: Living things and their Habitats: how to identify something that is living, non-living and never been alive. Habitats around the world: Rainforests, Deserts, Oceans, Polar and Micro-habitats.

Geography: Our Wonderful World: this has links with Science in that we’ll be looking at different regions of the world and how the climates affect the living habitats of animals.  We have started with a look at the globe, identifying the equator, continents and oceans.

History: (2nd half of term) Castles: the home of people in the past.  Who lived in castles? How were castles built? Why? What was life in a castle like?



The children in Year 1 have made great progress with their reading.  Please keep up the daily practice!  Reading books must come back to school on Tuesdays with homework so that a new book can go home on Thursdays.  An adult needs to sign the Reading Record each week so that I know the book has been read and when. Please read other books as well: comics, picture books, chapter books (picking out the easy words), information books, newspapers and magazines

yr1P.EP.E. Kits and Uniform

Our P.E. lessons are on Tuesdays and Fridays. All children must have their own P.E. kit (shorts or track suit bottoms, T-shirt and plimsolls) kept in school. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings and other jewellery removed for health and safety reasons. 

Please ensure that your child’s name is on every item of clothing.


Homework and Book Bags

Please ensure that your child has a school book bag and that it is brought to school.  This term book bags with homework and reading books will go home on Thursdays and should be returned, completed, by the following Tuesday. I mark the homework on Tuesdays so any homework returned after then will not be marked and your child may miss out on a reading book.   


The Year 1 Garden


Our garden is a bit muddy at the moment.  This does not stop play so I apologize in advance for children going home with mud on their clothes.  



Parent and Staff Communication

Please give any notes to Miss Brown or myself in the mornings.  We must be informed if your child is going home with someone else on a particular day, unless it is a regular arrangement that we are already aware of.  We will not allow any child to leave with any other adult unless we have your permission.  Please do speak to me if you have any concerns or queries at the end of the day.  The mornings are very busy and I need to give the children my full attention and get started with the day.  If it requires more than a few minutes please make an appointment so that I can give you the time necessary.



Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 17th January                                            Open Classrooms 9.00-9.30

Friday 10th February                                            Church Service at St. Paul’s

Monday 13th February – Friday 17th February       Half Term

Tuesday 21st February                                          Parent Consultation Evening

Thursday 23rd February                                        Parent Consultation Evening

Thursday 2nd March                                              World Book Day

Friday 31st March                                                 Easter Service at St. Paul’s

Friday 31st March                                                 Last day of term



I am thoroughly enjoying teaching your children and look forward to seeing great strides ahead this term. If you have any concerns at all that you would like to discuss please feel welcome to come and see me.  



Thank you for all your lovely stories about our costume shop! They have all been sent off to Pippa, she will read them and let us know what she thought of them!
This week we did an investigation to estimate the distance that cars travel down a ramp. I was very impressed with all the careful measuring you did, you are excellent mathematicians!
For your homework this week, I would like you to have a go at planning your own investigation for measuring weight. We will use our maths time on Friday to try out all the investigations!
Next week we are learning...
English Reading assessment activities
Maths Measuring in g and kg
Other It’s the KS1 Sports Day on Tuesday (12th) morning!

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